Ted Wong

Ted Wong is a computational ecologist who knows plants and writes code. He connects the dots between the data that come out of global climate model projections and the information that farmers, foresters, and conservation managers can use to anticipate the coming season and the coming years—because not just the weather but the cues we used to use to predict it are changing. Ted graduated from the Yale Forestry School before getting his Ph.D. in plant ecology from Stanford, and is currently developing a metric to assess municipal resilience for the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index. 


Jessica Ruvinsky

Jessica Ruvinsky is a field biologist and science writer. As a journalist (The Economist, Science, Discover) she asks questions. As a consultant, she helps people listen to each other’s answers. She wrote the Strategic Vision for the Organization of Biological Field Stations and the National Association of Marine Labs, synthesizing environmental scientists’ predictions of their field’s future with facility managers’ ambitions and constraints, and continues to help ecological organizations anticipate emerging trends. Jessica has a B.S. from Yale and a Ph.D. from Stanford.